Welcome to our School Board Members 2021

School Board Member 2021

George Craig - Principal 

As the Foundation Principal of Caversham Valley PS my focus is to bring our diverse community together and operate as a single school. Before us is the very exciting challenge of acknowledging and embracing the many different cultures and language groups that make up the backgrounds of our families and students. It is this rich tapestry that makes our school and school day so dynamic and enjoyable. Of critical importance is the opportunity that we have as a staff to further broaden and develop our knowledge and learning when working closely with the school community.

The education industry has provided me with the opportunity to work across Western Australia including the Kimberley, Pilbara, South West, Wheatbelt and Perth. These opportunities have been in primary schools, high schools, district high schools and remote community schools. Each setting has brought with it different challenges, learning experiences and rewards. A majority of my teaching career has been in the country including nine years outside of Perth as a Deputy Principal or Principal. Since 2015 I have been a Principal in Perth schools. I look forward to establishing Caversham Valley Primary School as a place that is recognised in the community as a safe and encouraging space for children to grow and learn.


School Board Member 2021

Chloe Liebeck - Teacher 

With experience in leading curriculum, pastoral care and behaviour management committees at previous schools across WA and working as a Level 3 Classroom Teacher, I look forward to being an active member of the Caversham Valley Primary School Board. I see the role of Staff Representative for the School Board as one where I am able to act as a voice for all classroom and specialist teachers at our school, providing insight as to how decisions impact our role and the students in our classrooms. In this role, I aim to help to foster strong community links with parents and wider school networks, seeking out and supporting opportunities to extend and support our students by endeavouring to provide them with the best and most well-rounded education possible.


School Board Member 2021

Rebecca Tacey - Teacher

I feel very honoured to serve as a Teacher Representative on the first school board of Caversham Valley Primary School in its foundation year. I bring with me 11 years of experience in a variety of primary school settings. Whilst I love all aspects of education, my deep passions lie in curriculum design and educational innovation through technology. I have previously served on a school board in the initial stages of becoming an Independent Public School, and am confident in my understanding of basic school board operations. As a Senior Teacher with leadership experience, I also possess a keen awareness for school operations and strategic planning. 

In 2019, I made the decision to return to Perth after 10 and a half wonderful years teaching in regional WA with my two children. I expected to miss the close knit community warmth of Newman and Kalgoorlie, but I was not expecting to have that matched in the strong community spirit of the staff, students and families of Caversham Valley Primary School. As a parent and teacher of CVPS, I cannot wait to see our wonderful school ethos and commitment to developing the whole child continue to drive student success in the years to come. 


School Board Member 2021

Tania Francis - Teacher

My name is Tania Francis and I am excited to be a Teacher Representative of the foundation board of Caversham Valley Primary School. As a Level 3 Classroom Teacher, I am passionate about creating the best academic atmosphere for all students; a place where students have a voice, feel safe and have a sense of belonging. My interests lie in Early Childhood Education, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and History, student Mental Health and Wellbeing and working towards living in a more sustainable environment.

I have worked in Early Childhood Education since 2005 and have been with the Education Department since 2013. After 6 years teaching and living in the country, my family and I settled in Caversham in 2018. As a teacher and parent at CVPS, I hold a genuine desire to build a school with a strong sense of community and a pursuit of excellence. I look forward to working alongside my fellow board members, CVPS parents, staff and students on this exciting journey.


School Board Member 2021

Meera Byatt - Parent

I’ve been a Caversham local for the past four years, with a son in Pre-Primary at CVPS and a daughter at Nido Caversham. I consider it an honour and privilege to be a Parent Representative on the inaugural School Board. The values that I stand for and will advocate include, providing clear boundaries for students to enable them to thrive; and building courage and resilience within students to allow them to navigate a world that may be quite different to the experiences of their parents.  

Through my education and work experience, I have a strong background in project design, planning and implementation; event management; marketing and fundraising; health administration; social impact; contract management; and organisational development across the government, private and non-government sectors.

School Board Member 2021

Alisdair Annall - Parent

Having returned to WA in late 2018 after 4+ years in Victoria, my wife Valentine and I settled in the area with our four children in early 2019. Since being in the area, we have found the community to be both welcoming and supportive, and I am excited to be part of the School Board and to have the opportunity to give back to the community by contributing to the success of the school and indirectly to the education of our children, three of which are now attending the school in its inaugural year.

As a CPA, I have held senior management roles across a number of industries over the past 12 years of my working career, actively contributing to the strategic direction of the businesses I have been involved in whilst also ensuring good corporate governance practices were maintained within those organisations. Currently employed as CFO of a national manufacturing business, I am responsible for the financial administration, compliance/risk management and budget preparation/implementation of the Group. My strengths also lie in critical and analytical thinking, stakeholder management and communicating across all levels. Despite the “curve balls” thrown at the school in its inaugural year, I have been impressed with the way the teachers, led by George Craig, have laid their early foundations and I look forward to working with my fellow board members and the broader school community to help steer the school to its longer term success.     


School Board Member 2021

Simon Meredith - Parent

I moved to Caversham with my wife Taryn and our two daughters Charlotte (Yr3) and Caitlyn (PP), 4 years ago from Esperance, regional WA. During the 8 years I resided in Esperance, I served the community as a WA Police Officer, a volunteer firefighter (three years as an officer) and was an active participant of various local community sporting clubs. I moved to Australia twelve years ago from London, UK, via international recruitment into the WA Police. I was a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police for six years, working in a multicultural borough where 70% of the residents where born outside of the UK, spending two of those as a local community officer.  The last 9 years I have spent working in rail logistics in supervisory, leadership and project-based roles. I work shift work which allows me to be at the school on a regular basis. I enjoy spending time with family and catching up with friends. I am currently studying part time for a Bachelor of Commerce degree; I also enjoy running with the goal of running a marathon next year.

I will work hard on the school board to ensure excellence in education, a common-sense approach and safety for the students and families at Caversham Valley. I have worked throughout my career within legislative and rule-based frameworks that focused heavily on safety and fairness. I understand how to operate within these frameworks and adhere to the rules, and that it requires knowledge and understanding of its effects. I recognise the potential for Caversham Valley Primary School and as a school board member I am looking forward to the opportunity to be part of its foundation and future.

School Board Member 2021

William Sharp - Parent

My wife Bronwyn and I have been part of the wonderful Caversham community for about 6 years. We have three children at CVPS in Kindy, Year 1 & Year 3, and are looking forward to being part of the CVPS community for many years to come. For this reason I was excited to apply and to be part of the School Board to assist in the development of the school and help make it a success. 

With over 25 years’ experience working in IT I have held many IT related roles and been responsible for numerous IT Projects. I am currently employed as Head of IT & Business Intelligence at the Australian Institute of Management WA, and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. This role is responsible for the strategic direction for technology, systems and analytics for the institute.

I have a passion for knowledge and believe that we never stop learning. As such I am currently continuing my education by studying a Master of Management (Information Technology). 


School Board Member 2021

Mustafa Kasim - Parent

My wife Alaa and I have enjoyed living in Caversham Valley for the past 4 years. We have 3 children Rida 9, Zain 7 and Faye 4.

I am a leader in Corporate Service and Project Management with over 15 years’ experience achieving organisational targets and reporting better performance to company boards and steering committees. I am a value driven manager who inspires respect and leads by example. I proudly work every day to improve organisational performance thereby improving the lives of the people around me.

As a parent member of the Caversham Valley School Board, I would like to see the school thrive in education and honour, leading by example and bringing knowledge into the everyday lives of our Caversham families. I want the community to be proud of their children’s achievements and aspire for better future perspectives.