History of the School’s Establishment

Caversham Valley Primary School initially started with the planning name of 'Caversham South Primary School’ in 2019 and was built to cater for the numerous housing developments on land that had previously been used for viticulture and horticulture.

In July 2019 George Craig was appointed as the foundation principal in the lead up to the school’s opening in 2020. Danielle Reimer (MCS), Narelle Morisey (Deputy Principal) and Sharon Walton (Deputy Principal) were soon appointed to assist in ensuring the school was ready for its opening.

During this time the community was engaged in the process of naming the school, deciding on its logo and designing the school uniform. The Parent Steering Committee was instrumental in these decisions and the initial shaping of the school’s direction.

Careful Consideration and Planning

The name of ‘Caversham Valley’ was chosen to reflect the suburb of Caversham that the school services, as well as a part of the ‘Swan Valley’ that lays within our local in-take area.

The logo has several components that hold important meaning for our school and community. The ribbons of teal and aqua represent Bennett Brook and the Swan River which are within our intake area. The lime background reflects the viticulture and horticulture of the area. The navy ‘C’ is our staff and adults who are guiding and supporting the children of the school (white ‘C’) to ensure they leave on an upward path.

The Foundation staff were appointed in Term 4 of 2019 and have diverse experiences from their work throughout the state. The staff have quickly form a strong bond and as a cohesive and collaborative team they will ensure a vibrant, caring and successful school.

Initial student enrolments were well above projected numbers with our Foundation year of 2020 welcoming more than 300 children to the school.